13 top benefits and reasons for choosing WordPress for your company website


Creating a website is as easy as ABC today, all thanks to content management systems (CMS). You no longer need to depend on developers to create a customized website business or private website. You don’t even need to have any prior website designing knowledge to use it!

While you may have a bevy of CMSs to choose from, WordPress is undoubtedly your go-to solution.


Well, it’s because more than 74 million websites use WordPress to post content. It constitutes more than 26% of the total websites on the internet! Besides, the content management system is a favorite with both amateurs and professionals because of its simplicity and power.

That’s not all.

Here are 13 more reasons and benefits for you to contemplate using WordPress for your company website!

1. It’s free

WordPress is free for customers.

It doesn’t matter if you’ll be using it for a commercial website or a personal blog; it’s free. You don’t even have to pay if your site generates more traffic than anticipated!

To make things even better, WordPress is open-source.

It means you can change or improve its source code to customize your website’s functionality and looks!

2. Most used CMS

WordPress is not just a popular CMS; it outplays other content management systems. While about 59.5% of website owners use WordPress, the second most popular Joomla constitutes only 5.9% of the CMS market share.

3. Immediate use

You don’t waste any time with WordPress. You can start using it as soon as it’s installed. There’s no configuration necessary, and you can customize its themes and plugins to suit your needs.

4. Better with search engines

Did you know that popular search engines like Google and Bing tend to rank WordPress websites higher than websites using other CRMs? It’s because the search engine spiders easily crawl on WordPress’s framework.

5. Safe

The CMS’s safety measures are another reason for its increased popularity. WordPress staff keeps updating it and its associated integrated plugins for your safety and security. It’s however always better to only download plugins from trusted sources, and preferably while logged into WordPress.

Besides, the CRM is also integrated with an automatic updater. It notifies you whenever new plug-in updates are available to ensure you have the latest and safest platforms and a secure site.

6. Personalization

WordPress has so many themes to choose from to make your site/blog look like you want it. There are also third parties selling premium themes that you can buy and use. The CMS also lets you add and extend other features to make the website work and perform as you want it to.

7. Mobile-friendly

With most internet users using mobiles, Google penalizes sites that aren’t mobile-friendly by giving them lower page rankings. However, WordPress is mobile-friendly because most themes are automatically responsive. It even has a ‘mobile view’ option for themes that aren’t responsive.

8. Easy to use

Simplicity and user-friendly are two other traits and reasons that make WordPress so accessible. Even newbie’s without any programming or web designing knowledge can start using it.

9. Lots of support

There is lots of help online when it comes to WordPress. All you have to do is search on Google to get various guides and tutorials to solve any problem you may be facing. There are also some great forums with interactive members ready to help each other out.

10. Used by everyone

Not just you; everyone uses WordPress! Some of the world’s most famous brands with millions of page views a day like Mozilla, Coca Cola, and Wall Street Journal also use it.

11. Offers multimedia support

It’s a known fact that sties with lots of multimedia have the lowest bounce rate, and are most attractive to visitors. That’s why WordPress offers ample multimedia support by letting you easily integrate videos.

You can either upload your own videos, or add embedded code in its HTML areas. You can also add audio files, images, and other media to keep people interested while on your site.

12. Multiple users

It’s easy for multiple users to access your WordPress website in various roles like the Super Admin, author, contributor, and subscriber. Each position has its benefits and access to site features.

13.                Immediate content publishing

All it takes is a click of your mouse to publish your post. And with the WordPress app on your Smartphone, you can even publish posts while on the go! It’s also possible to schedule and have posts published on a specific day. It’s a useful feature if you tend to forget or don’t have the time to publish content manually.

With WordPress offering so many benefits is there any reason to even consider using some other CMS for YOUR website?

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