How Can I Outsource My Google Ads?


For businesses in today’s market, it’s a near necessity to have a strong, active Google Ads campaign. But the problem many business owners face is that neither they nor their staff have the time or expertise to manage their ad campaigns. That leaves many companies asking, “How can I outsource my Google Ads?”

Luckily, whether you’re a small business, large organization, or even a marketing agency that needs extra bandwidth, there are ways to outsource your Google Ads. In this post, we’re going to go over the best ways to outsource your Google Ads, and what to look for in an advertising partner.

How to Outsource Your Google Ads Campaigns

If you own your own business or are a marketing manager, the best way to outsource your Google Ads is to hire a PPC agency. A PPC agency is a marketing company dedicated to creating, managing, and maintaining Google Ads and other paid online marketing.

However, sometimes marketing agencies themselves are looking to outsource their Google Ads to another agency. This is called White Label PPC, and is the most effective way for marketing agencies to grow their client base without having to increase staff or allocate more training resources.

When it comes to White Label PPC, it pays to pay attention to the bottom line, literally. While taking on new clients certainly adds revenue, it can bring its own problems as well. Hiring qualified PPC strategists can be a lengthy, expensive process, eating into that newfound revenue. But failing to bring on new talent can overwork strategists and lead to opportunities falling through the cracks.

That’s why White Label PPC is such a great option for growing and established marketing agencies.

White Labeling your PPC work to a qualified agency can free up resources and drastically reduce your costs per account. When you factor in wages, training, and office space, outsourcing your Google Ads to a White Label agency will often be the most optimal use of resources.

But what if you’re not a marketing agency, and are just looking for someone to manage your Google Ads account? Let’s look at some of the key indicators your should look for in a PPC Agency.

What to Look for in an Online Marketing Agency

Just a quick search online will present you with a huge selection of PPC agencies and freelancers ready and willing to take over your Google Ads account. But step back for a second. Who are they? What are their qualifications? What resources do they have at their disposal?

These are crucial questions to ask when choosing where to outsource your Google Ads campaign. If you care about your business investments, as I’m sure you do, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing business with a qualified partner that can help take your online marketing to the next level.

One important thing to remember is that you should only outsource your PPC to a certified Google Partner. Google Partners have gone through extensive certification, and received Google’s stamp of approval when it comes to managing Google Ads campaigns. Any agency you’re interviewing should be able to provide proof of their Google Partner status.

You will also want to make sure your business goals align with those of marketing agency. If you’re focused on growing sales, they need to have a strategy and the experience to execute on that strategy to meet your goal. Ask for examples of past success, and a resume of their experience in the industry. 

Next Steps

If you are a business owner or marketing agency that is considering outsourcing your Google Ads work, there are a few important steps to take. First, evaluate your needs and your budget. If you’re a marketing agency, do you have a steady influx of clients? Or do you just want to White Label a few of your clients to free up manpower?

If you’re a business owner, what is your budget? Is running a Google Ads campaign a major risk for you? Or do you see it as an important component of a larger marketing strategy? Like any investment, it’s never a good idea to risk too much on a short-term payoff. Developing a winning strategy can take time, even for the most experienced PPC agency. 

Once you’ve determined your needs and budget, it’s time to research PPC agencies. Here at AdWolves, we believe in transparency. If our service is not a good fit for a client, we are upfront about that fact. We offer a no-risk Google Ads evaluation and consultation, to help you make the right choices for your business. 

So whether you’re a business owner looking for someone to take your Google Ads campaign to the next level, or a PPC agency looking for a comprehensive White Label solution, we encourage you to contact us for more information. 

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