White label PPC

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White label PPC

Data driven PPC management

It’s always better to have someone experienced like Ad Wolves Media to handle your white label PPC needs. We use proprietary software to track your PPC campaign’s progress and remain committed to your accountability and results.

We also keep ourselves updated with the latest market trends by keeping our PPC consultants updated and trained to provide the best pay per click campaign results.

What is white label PPC?

White label PPC is the concept of an agency offering PPC services to its clients through another company that acts under their brand. In short, we let you outsource PPC so that we take care of all your PPC services. You thus have time to focus on other things like interacting with other clients and letting you scale.

Our certified professionals are well trained and educated on white label digital marketing. They have the necessary skills and expertise to provide more than just picking up words and bidding for Google Ads PPC.

Our white label PPC services include:

  • Sales support
  • Client communication through meetings with consultants
  • Campaign management

How we work

How many people work
on your client’s account?


I. Google AdWords management

program that commands 92.07% of the search market share. It includes search and display networks, app, video, shopping, and remarketing campaigns.


II. Microsoft advertising program

which offers clients’ access to lower CPCs and solid ROI and higher-value audience ascent on Google.


III. Google My Business advertising

that’s useful at helping local businesses attracts local customers to the client’s website or Google Maps listing.


IV. The popular social media Facebook ads

That target the searcher’s search intent. It focuses more on brand awareness and is more a push marketing strategy and gives results you don’t find through search. There are lots of Facebook ad types like image, video, collection, canvas, and lead generation ads.


V. YouTube ads

Promote the client’s business on YouTube by reaching and attracting the right, new customers.


VI. Instagram advertising

Helps reach a larger audience through Instagram. It helps increase brand exposure, website traffic, generates new leads, and move existing leads through the funnel. Like Facebook, Instagram has various ad types like photos, sponsored, videos, and IGTV ads.


VII. LinkedIn ads

Are a powerful PPC advertising platform used to get your client’s message to a targeted B2B audience. It works by placing your client’s ads on prominent LinkedIn pages through the site. The ad types here include text, LinkedIn, and programmatic display ads.


VIII. Our Twitter ad

management service is excellent and effectively helps both large and small businesses reach millions of customers through promoted tweets.
It’s the perfect PPC network for clients who want to grow a community of high-value followers. Besides, Twitter provides the lowest Cost per Click in social media where you can get clicks for pennies.


IX. Amazon ads advertising

Management is popular with agencies with clients selling products, or who want to introduce products to Amazon. With most Amazon customers using Amazon to find new brands or products, Amazon advertising reaches Amazon customers by creating an awareness of a product launch. It helps clients reach international buyers and not viewers through paid clicks and not impressions. It works through three types of Amazon ads- sponsored product, product display, and headline search ads.

How to get started

It’s really easy to get started with White Label services. Just contact us at Ad Wolves Media to schedule a meeting with our experts at the earliest!