Why choose Google ads for your company


Are you like the many marketers and business owners, wondering why you should choose Google ads for your company?

Don’t worry if you are.

It’s one of the most common questions on search engines today.

And it’s because many people have heard about the effectiveness and benefits of Google ads but are still unsure if it’ll work for them. So if you’ve never used Google ads before, it’s no wonder you wonder why and how Google ads can help your company. 

Well, here are ten reasons proving why you should use them.

1. Better engagement 

Google engages with your audience not only through the search engine but also through other new ad formats. It includes product listing ads and YouTube in-video ads.

The product listing ads are shiny, and thus get more clicks to generate more revenue for Google and you. 

About YouTube, it generates more than a billion uniques and a few billion views a day. Besides, it’s bigger than Yahoo and Bing combined.

So it’s natural marketers will prefer putting their ads where they will get maximum visibility!

2. Give competition to competitors

It’s thanks to Adwords’s speed, scalability, and flexibility you have a significant advantage over your competitors. You may end up with better online visibility, and more visitors and clicks than your competitors.

Of course, there’s always the chance that your competitors are also using Google Adwords. If this is the case, then the best and only way you can beat them is by joining them!

3. Monopolized SERPs

With Google Ads accounting for about 97% of Google’s revenue, it’s not surprising that they have taken over the SERP. And if you use PPC, it gives you an excellent opportunity to get your message high in SERP in a clickable way.

4. Better converting traffic than organic traffic

It’s no doubt that organic traffic is excellent. But did you know that paid search traffic converts about twice higher than organic traffic? It’s because paid search traffic is more targeted and qualified. Besides, the generated queries are more likely to be more commercial than informational. 

 Of course, results may vary according to industry. So there’s the risk that it may not apply to your business too. But you will never know till you try. 

5. Flexibility and measurability 

Measurability is the one significant advantage online marketing offers over traditional marketing options like TV or print. But while it’s difficult to measure your SEO campaign precisely, your Google Adwords PPC lets you know what works and what doesn’t.

It’s all thanks to its PPC metrics. 

Besides, AdWords is also flexible, thanks to its customizable options. You can use it for specific keyword match types to match your niche audience.

It even provides access to non-search sites like YouTube. And its ad extensions let you display everything ranging from product images to contact information. 

6. Speed

While SEO may need months to give results, an Adwords campaign gives instant results once it goes live. This speed helps with the quick generation of money.

It also gives you time to discover the effectiveness of your keywords and accordingly construct the perfect SEO campaign. 

7. Scalability

Marketers prefer finding lead sources that scale or instead don’t need much effort to get maximum leads. And of the many marketing options available, Google ads are very scalable.

So as long as you create a converting Google ads campaign, you can confidently increase your PPC budget. It’s because you know that your leads and profits will also increase.

In short, Google ads are perfect if your business needs lots of leads in the quickest time. 

8. Restricts advertising costs

With Google Adwords letting you set a maximum cost per day for your campaign, it makes campaign budgeting easy. The only risk you face is the number of ads reducing as your budget lowers. You can however easily set things right by increasing your budget accordingly. 

9. Works hand-in-hand with other marketing channels

Google ads easily complement your other marketing channels. For example, they are great to remarket and target potential and interested customers.

Google ads are also ideal for showing your customers the exact product they are looking for. It’s no wonder that retargeted ads are known to have a super high ROI. 

10. Your competitors also use Google Ads

This is perhaps the most important reason to use Google ads.

Your competitors use it too. Yes, all you have to do is conduct a few searches on your favorite keywords. Don’t be surprised if you find your competitors in the sponsored results at the top of the SERP!

If they are doing it, why shouldn’t you too? 

Now; what other reason do you need to start using Google Adwords for your business!

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